Thinking About Fusion Surgery?
We Can ELIMINATE Your Neck Pain 
You Can AVOID Surgery!
Is your neck in constant pain?

  • Have you had a Sports Injury
  • or an Accident?
  • Are you experiencing an
  • extensive lack of range of
  • motion in movements involving your neck?
  • Are you avoiding moving
  •  because of your neck pain?
  • Are you considering fusion surgery to repair this problem and end the pain?
  • Have you had afusion surgery
  • and you want to recuperate fast?
    ARP WAVE CLIENT Guy Mezger
    UFC 13 Champion
    Before you even THINK about having a fusion surgery, come to us
     first. Because WHERE you are feeling the pain is NOT where it is
    coming from. Somewhere a muscle meant to absorb the force, is not functioning. This force is being transferred to your neck, causing neck
    pain and limited range of motion. Drugs and surgery will only provide a temporary solution to what will continue to be a permanent problem.
    Unless the ORIGIN of the symptom is treated, you will continue to feel
    the pain. Once we find the origin of your pain, the PHYSICAL SYMPTOM you are experiencing right now will be eliminated and you will be pain
    free. More importantly, you will regain a range of motion you probably
    have not experienced in years. Avoid fusion surgery, avoid taking drugs
     to stop your neck pain.
    Results In Your VERY First Session… GUARANTEED
    In your very first visit with us we GUARANTEE that we will locate the
    origin of your symptom, take you through a treatment, and at the end of
    this session, you will have increased your range of motion by a
    of 25% and seen a similar reduction in pain. If you don’t think that we can HELP YOU to eliminate your neck pain, you pay NOTHING. We are that confident.
    No Drugs, No Chiropractic, No Physical Therapy, No Surgery, No Lasers… something NEW! The ARP Wave Technology!
    End Pain in only 4 sessions, recover 80% than traditional medicine.
    We know it may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. There is only one
     way to know for sure if the ARP Wave System will work for you, and that
     is to try our no cost, no obligation, RISK FREE TRIAL in Studio City, Ca.
    We will do a full treatment and you’ll be able to see for yourself if the ARP Wave therapy can help you. We treat some of the most elite athletes and chronic cases, so we know we can help you. Just complete the form
    below and see how we can improve the quality of your life.
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